Matchy Matchy

The boys are gaining a lot of independence lately.
It is fun for mama to see.
And even though they are 19 months apart, they hit
some of these types of milestones at the same time.
I often wonder if it is because I hold onto (whatever it is) like dressing them
until I finally realize that they can (both) do it well.
And then this summer happened.
And we change 12 times a day which leads to dressing themselves
and as long as it is the same color, it is worn.
Black on black (which isn't so bad)
Blue on blue
And I have learned to appreciate this stage, because it too will pass.
I actually find in sort of charming, they are making an attempt to match!

The trouble with learning to parent on the job is that your child is the teacher.
 ~Robert Brault
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