Gatlinburg and Cherokee

We headed over to Gatlinburg early on Tues morning.
Some of the shops weren't open yet but it wasn't crowded either.
We headed towards the sky lift and realized it was open.
Both boys were game, so we headed up!

Sam usually doesn't like rides, but Joe was a bit more squeamish this time.
They also gave a free extra ride because of camera malfunction

Is he a stud muffin or what!

 Never know what he is up to

By the time we took our return trip they both loved it so we all three went

 We had a blast taking old time photos, grabbed some lunch, and a special treat for friend Nakia
 (that place reminds me of her sooo much - and today she selflessly donated her kidney to a friend of hers)

We decided to drive up the mountain and ended up driving all the way to Cherokee.
It was a GORGEOUS drive, perfect day.

We put of feet in a mountain stream, Sam of course slipped and got wet pants

 A boy, his ice cream and a view of the mountain stream.

We had a low key dinner and relaxed the night away for an early trip home today
so that we could be home for more All Star games.
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