Bear in the Mountains!

We took a short trip to the Smokey Mountains!
It was a favorite place of my family's when I was growing up.
We realized that Joe had not been (shame on us)
and Sam was there twice but was just a tot!
We stayed within walking distance to a new area in Pigeon Forge called The Island.
We all agreed that by the next time we go (when more is completed)
that it will be the place to be near!

After our drive down, we ate lunch at Dick's and had some good laughs

Sam wasn't really into the whole hat thing, but by the end he was having more fun with it.

We came back from lunch and hit the pool, both indoor and out!

And then we spent some time finding tickle spots.
Of course Joe is still convinced that we forget where his are and find them 
new each time.  Oh the laughter and squeals that come from tickled boys.

And then the wrestle action begins

Our tummies were full so we decided to go for a drive to find some mountains.
We headed towards Cades Cove where we had a chance to spot some wildlife.
It was quite a bit further than the planner (moi) thought, but hey?!?
We enjoyed the scenery on the way over, but it rained so hard we had to pull over.
By the time we arrived, it was dusk was setting in.
The rain had stopped though and apparently it wasn't such a bad time to arrive~

And just when we were certain that all that lived there were deer...

 This guy crossed the road 2 vehicles in front of us and we all got really quiet and wide eyed.
He grazed beside the van for a good while, long enough for me to realize that all of the windows were down.
 He was this close to the van. As we drove off Sam said,
my heart is finally coming down!!!
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