Summer Nights {And Days}

Monday night we went to grandma and grandpas
to snap and can a big o pile of green beans that DH and grandpa had picked while
grandma and me were at work for the day.
We were very glad they did the picking!
Didn't snap any picks of the snapping
but grandma reminded DH that he had fireworks back in the closet.
I assure you that they were from nineteen ninety something.
I wasn't sure they were safe for lighting.
But after a test run, we let the boys have fun, with some very close supervision.
This type of activity would make me a nervous wreck in  a big crowd. Ha!

I preferred firefly catching and they were out in plenty!

Little man out early the next morning to let them go ;)


We've been making alot of trips to the library
today they had 4th of July cards to make

Some goggles were left at our house, I set a pic to her momma to tell her I knew where they were, ha!

And Sam took this pic of DH while were were at Joe's all star practice last night.

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