3rd 4th and 5th of July!!

This 4th of July was FUN filled!!

We had big plans for the 3rd of July, it was my normal day off,
but I got called into work. 
I made a stop on the way into work for some fun snacks and glow in the dark stuff
to make the Bogg's fireworks extra special.
Sam has asked a few times when were going to Mark's Fireworks.
We made a stop, first fireworks we had bought in YEARS>

After work and all star practice for Joe we made our way to the fireworks.
We had as much fun waiting on them as we did during them.

The glow balls were hit.
We enjoyed some microwave popcorn and peanut m&m, lots of laughs,
some ball tosses, and peek and boo's from Sam

We were happy with the Bogg's fireworks.  Getting out of the park after coming up on a fender bender
was another story, lol. We usually don't park inside the park {probably won't again, LOL}

 Woke up on the 4th and DH and I got to work EARLY on the landscaping.
He had this big bush/tree (no before pic) gone before I got home.
I didn't want to see it go, but it was overgrown for the space and blocked our view out the window to the pool.  No too safe when I need to run inside for a moment while swimming!!

But this bush left, because some folks didn't even know we had a door over there!
We have trimmed and trimmed on all of the bushes we parted with!

Yes he has on a jacket!  It was CHILLY, not for long though

The boys dined on B&G, but helped us outside part of the day
We also dung in a drainage tile outside the basement, trying to get that area
to dry up so we can seed it this fall.

 Hello!  We have a porch!  Can't wait to put back in, but not going to rush! I want to pick the right plants
 Will Jill Drew and Jaelyn came by to swim for a couple hours.  Here is the evidence...I was relaxing the the water most the day.
Sam served some rice krispie treats, Jaelyn's first homemade ones..she didn't know they came out the package! LOL
 Finished up our yard work and laundry,cleaned up and headed out to get a bite to eat.
We drove  the NOVA over to Shoals to the Catfish Festival, Mo was working at BoMacs but was to busy to see us, Blake was finishing lemonade stand and said Noah was playing softball.
We had fun watching the games, tons of big hits and home runs.  
We went to the ballpark and watched the game and stayed for the fireworks.
 DH and Joe - late night number 2 about did him in!
 And onto today, July 5th...I worked again and DH worked hard around the house.
He mowed and picked up and went to the store and took care of the boys.
We had Dan's brother and family and grandma and grandpa over
for swimming, cookout and fireworks.

We thought for a minute that we were having a smoke show, 
but the bugs were taken care of!

Our fire works show at home was a lot of fun!!
Late night number 3 has caught up with me!
Feeling blessed and my tank is full!
Church, baseball and 4H tomorrow!
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