Little Hoosiers Camp 2014

Sam and Joe went to Tom Crean's Little Hoosiers Basketball camp this week.
It was Joe's first year and he soaked it all in!
He marched right up to collect some autographs.

This was his coach named Ian

Nine kiddos from the kids school went.  They had a blast.
We got to take them all on Thursday!

Cousin Drew and Joe

Remember we are still at that NO you can't take my picture stage so I snuck some.

These two players were so funny they were blocking all the shots and the kids loved it.

Yogi Ferrell, Joe was in awe

Sam's skills seriously improved from last year.
He got the perseverance award on Friday

Joe made new friends everyday.
We are going to work on his dribbling skills this year, 
think he is going to be a guard, ha!

Joe got the assist award on Thursday

This was our crew for the day. Great great kids.
Favorite sports team day
Joe, Koen W, Drew, Reis W, Isaac W, Conner S, Leighton J, Sam and Luke L

Camp ends at noon, where do you take the hungry crew?
Golden Corral for chocolate fountain, of course!

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