GrabersGoWest: Battery Point Lighthouse

Early morning, still sleepy eyed and not awake enough to tell me no
when I asked for a pic at our hotel

We could not get enough of these coastal views.
It was chilly but we went to see those same views in Crescent City before the lighthouse opened.

 We studied about the rock formations and harbors, looked at local flowers, trees, dark sand, and chose a couple pieces of drift wood to come home.

 The viewing deck was built around a rock.  It was very foggy (marine layer, I mean)

 My little Joey D and his picture taking skills, he loved taking pictures and every time tilted it sideways being artsy - so stinking cute.
 We drove to Battery Point Lighthouse,
didn't know it but we were in for an awesome experience!
 Again from the hotel clerk, who was a 20 something college kid, but he knew his town!
He told us to head to the lighthouse at 10am, tours until 1:30, because
after that it becomes an island...
so we walked where water lies during high tide over to 
the Battery Point Lighthouse

 We waited a few minutes after getting to the light house, a couple tours in front of ours.
It allowed me to take a bundle of pictures, and irritate my boys in the process ;)

 This was Sam's favorite thing to do. He blocked Joe out of the pictures constantly - it was funny.
We all laughed

The inn keeper brought out bubbles for the kids who were waiting.

 We toured the light house and enjoyed every minute.
Of course, a first for all of us, 
this light house is the only continuously inhabited lighthouse since it's existence.
 The couple that lives there (one month volunteer rotation) also gives the tours, they did a fantastic job.
So very informative about lighthouse, its rich history, how/why it operates today, the tides make it an island for almost 18 hours/day. 
No pictures inside the lighthouse, except once in the top..it is still a part of the coast guard and
 we might  give away trade secrets!!
We climbed to spiral staircases and then a ladder into a trap door (think tight space)
to make it here but it was so worth it.  I think DH could have stayed up there a long while.
The crystal lens was so neat - it was 2 5th order lens on top of one another,
only uses a tiny 750 watt bulb.
But, the way the lens is cut it makes the light go out 14 miles.
It emits a special signal assigned by the coast guard, specific to this lighthouse.
It was super bright when it went off right in front of us.

If you love lighthouses, put this one on your list  as a must see!

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