When Rain Floats Your Boat!

We have had a lot of rain lately
and especially yesterday.  Everytime I looked out at work, it was pouring.
After work and supper and working on 4H projects, at 815, we made homemade boats
and took them outside to see if they would float in our rain water stream.

 DH has worked hard on this waterway over the last couple years.  He brings home
field rocks from the farm to hold the creek so it does not become bigger.
I like the result, looks very pretty.
We loved exploring it last night.

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Isa and Kai's mama said...

Rain?! We've been in the 90s for weeks {unusual}. Maybe we switched climates in anticipation of your upcoming visit? ;)

Guatmama said...

Oh my yes, it sounds like we have changed for a few weeks!