GrabersGoWest:Pacific Coastal Highway

We woke up early, enjoyed hotel breakfast and headed south again...
today's agenda Northern CA and the giant Redwoods.
But first,
more magnificent views of the Pacific Coast.
The fog (or Marine layer as a local called it) was thick, but cleared by mid morning.

Yep, I mentioned it on FB, when the road says Ocean View...you go that direction!

Breathtaking views, with a sweet local lady who pointed out the whales
swimming below, too far for my camera though.
We watched them and the crashing waves for a long time.
She told us about a rock, Battle Point and said we needed
to explore the cave as well.
She was right about that too!
Take special note of the front tooth on Joe, it goes missing later in the trip.

 I was told this beach is in Goonies, never saw that movie, looking to rent it now!

Joe was into taking pics of DH and I this trip, a OK!
Oops, we lost part of your head DH

This was battle point rock, a grave on top of the hill.
It has a cave underneath, and you could tell that cave is surrounded by water during high tide.
It was low tide when were were there, so we could walk inside!

Did I mention this water is 50 degrees? 
 I read this,
 I knew this, 
I still packed my swimsuit.
I did not need it.

 I wanted a picture with Arch Rock, it went well..don't you think.
 I mean, can't you see the rock!?!  Yeah, it is right behind me. ha.

Love them, even though they did pee on this stop (outside of the super stinky port a pots, super stinky  so I didn't blame them) but around the corner was and ENTIRE picnic table of rangers who were not eating lunch there when we went into the trail!!!
Pretty sure we broke the law there.

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