GrabersGoWest: Crystal Clear Smith River

 Our boys had a chance at swimming - 
we asked them beach or river
and they chose river.
Smart choice..smart choice? 
Thought I would never say that about a river!
But, I had seen locals swimming here earlier in the day 
and the hotel clerk told us where to go to join them.

We were all ready to jump in.
I was amazed about how much warmer it was a little bit inland
from the coastal breezes.  It was late afternoon perfect time
for skipping rocks and floating in the crystal clear Smith River.

The Smith River was lined completely with rocks: take a step still clear.
 Rivers around our part are lined with mud: take a step cloudy mess.
Loved it!
And props to Morgan Ann who loaded me her keens for the week.
I wore them a lot!

Teaching boys how to skip rocks

We brought home a couple souvenir rocks.

DH was going to take a couple of pic of me..,
they turned out way better this way anyway!


We packed our days full so we could take it all in; it left us tired for dinner time!

Food was interesting this trip.
As a general rule, the west coast drive/highway 101 was void of chains.
They were a few fast food joints in the larger towns, but
most of the towns we stayed in, we ate local.
We just asked at check in for the best recommendations,
found some great places!
Refreshed after dinner, we drove down to see the seals.
They were really active, but pretty far away
I love the sound they make!

Only swimming pool on the trip, but the boys took a dive.
This hotel (Best Western) in Cresent City, CA had a lot to offer.  
It had nice rooms with sink/microwave/fridge
and breakfast at restaurant next door.
I even saw a laundry mat there!
We were scheduled to stay 2 nights here, but we were still 6 hours out from
San Francisco...we were planning to see the lighthouse here in the morning
and then head further south to see the Avenue of the Giants...so we veered off our schedule
and found a local place to stay closer to San Fran.

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