Epic Dessert in St Louis

After the city museum, we headed over to Anhueser Busch to get a factory tour...but so did 
everyone who was in town for the Cardinals game.
We opted out of the tour b/c we couldn't wait that long.
It is still a neat place, tons of history and facts about the company.

Our hotel wasn't ready yet and it left just enough time to slip in
Linner or Lupper and it hit the spot!
We ate at Joe Buck's BBQ.
The dessert was worth talking about.
This is not a joke.  My boys knew about it from their last trip
and DH said it was big, but we had no idea.

How did she even pick him up after all that ice cream?!?

He was eating it up

Then we checked into the hotel just in time for a quick swim (and quick it was...kids weren't allowed in hot tub shown here and the pool was FRIGID) -so yep we moved the party back upstairs where Blake and Noah were trying to take a nap ;). Of course, we texted on our way back up!!!

Our hotel was very pretty, we loved our little suite, turned out perfect!

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