GrabersGoWest: Exploring Seattle!

( I took a few pictures this trip - like 513 on my regular camera and plenty on the ol IPhone too...
so stay tuned for blog overload)

What to do with one day in Seattle?
Duck Tour
Space Needle
Public Market
Dinner with Cousins

Sounded like a hefty agenda, but remember we were still on Eastern time, so we were much ahead
of the pacific coasters and were up and at it early to accomplish that agenda (without running from one to the next).  The drive into Seattle downtown (from airport) was so very nice, tons to see.
Coastal cities in the South - the gulf that we are used to - don't have shipping ports.
So giant cranes and shipping containers are what we saw all over the city ports.
We raise money often at church to ship containers to Africa, cool to put a picture of that together
for the boys.  The GPS routed us weird,but DH did really good staying calm when we turned a
giant circle
around a construction site - maddening. LOL

I'm not gonna lie, I don't know who plays here,
but my boys do and thought it was an important picture.

Gearing up for our Duck Tour - google it in coastal city near you - so cool and very worth it in Seattle.
Our started right next to the Space Needle so that was a bonus - my travel tip
for Seattle, given to us by Dan's cousin who lives there.
Valet Park at the Space Needle.
We did this for the entire day and cost was $26. The public lot down the street was $22.
Anywho...we loved the tour.
Sam was not impressed by the quacking duck beaks so early in the AM, we were on the first tour.

We thought our captian was a hoot, went over safety stuff and did a great tour of the city
with some great songs and funny jokes spaced throughout.  He wore 20 different hilarious hats.
And I have no idea what is out his front window to the right, it looks like a vehicle up on one end.
I promise we didn't see anything like this, well a freeway fight, but we will save this for San Fran posts!

We didn't go to this aquarium but made up for it in San Francisco.
Isn't it gorgeous though, I love things restored and used for other functions.
This was Pier 59 building redone.

The city has a lot of building codes, if you build a building, you must also 
put in a work of art.  So art was everywhere.
This was a giant iron man that pumped his hammer up and down.
I am sure there is a more artsy description for that, someone reading this
might be cringing.  Yeah, I'm the Midwest girl.
I realized that A LOT on this trip.
When I go south, I feel OK, but wow, the west coast is something else!

Caught a glimpse of this on the duck tour and knew I wanted to go, if we could make it work.
The gal in the elevator at the space needle said it was a must see and told us to take the monorail from
the needle down about 4 blocks from there - bam! See I told you to valet at the space needle!!

Oldest Automatic Car Wash in US, the sign was old and the car wash was NOT updated but it was BUSY.

Entering the water

Put on his swim cap and we all held our arms up

Joe was the first to go up when invited while we sailed around the harbor

We floated right on top of the water

Sleepless in Seattle...

Tons of Million Dollar Floating Homes and also some houseboats, that have to prove to the coast guard once a year that they can sail, although most had another boat they used for that on a regular basis it appeared
Some of these even had basements, what?!?  And some with port holes like an aquarium.
See his tiny little boat, poor guy.

Don't we look fun, I mean seriously must be too early for the other tour goes, ha ha.

We ate lunch at a street hot dog vendor - yummo seriously I don't even like hot dogs
He toasted the buns = wow.-

While waiting on our scheuled time for the space needle,
we played in this park.
It was very unique, not sure if it was supposed to be something, it worked
until a mob of kids came off the bus and I couldn't pick my kids out of the crowd!

These were pool balls mounted in metal pipes, made loud piano like sounds!

Our time slot for the needle came up so we headed up

The view was incredible.

 We rode to the Public Market on the monorail - so worth it.

The sights, the sounds, the crowds, the history.
I really liked this place..

Sam loved the Ranier cherries.
The fruit was all amazing, tons of samples!

And this little Fiesta place might have swayed my love of this place.
The owner knew a lot about these dishes, that was fun.

We had fun with the selfie stick on day 1-2, then it died and the charger broke, ha.

We chose some flowers to takes to Dan's cousins who live in a suburb of Seattle,
we went out for dinner.

We visited Gordon and Diana and their fur babies Glory and Shaftoe
they were big dogs, overwhelmed the boys at first, but they were so well behaved and trained too.

We enjoyed the evening with them, fun to visit family so far!

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