GrabersGoWest:Travel Day

We went to the West Coast!  The north part that is...
we planned this trip for quite a while.
Adding sites and cities to our list and then crossing them off and
adding others that fit our route better.
We researched Seattle, Oregon Coast, Redwoods and San Fran
with kids, but truth is they enjoyed every bit that we adults did!
We had quite to list to accomplish while travelling out West.  
We flew into Seattle first, to accomplish our main trip agenda item - 
spend time with The Riedesels!
We set out on this trip with our flights, rental car booked, and hotels set for 
where we would rest each night...the in between was set by us..and set it we did.
I LOVED this trip.  We made so many memories.
Each boy made a list of items they wanted to see/do, we added along the way
and accomplished them quite well.
We certainly saw Stachoo's - I mean stachoos are in every city, right!?!

My little traveler going thru security.
It has been awhile since the boys flew - I think last time was when they were 3 and 5 or so.

Our layover in Chicago was at supper time, the entire airport was PACKED.
We ate in a food court so everyone could pick their own food.

We touched to outside of the plane for good luck each time.
Headed to Seattle, where we knew we would arrive late.

 Didn't care a whole bunch for Seattle's airport - we got there waited a great while on our bags, got them and had to ride a shuttle to the car rental place, and wait in line again...it was 230am our time by this point, boys wanted a bed.  Our hotel was near and we crashed!  
Look at that smirk on Joe's face, Sam was not feeling it though.
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