4h of July with Friends and Family!

We had a blessed and full 4th of July weekend!
Friday night we had friends over for a cookout and
a little fireworks show.
Had fun and laughs that lasted into the night!

Our yard was a muddy mess so the green tablecloth was covering some of the mud.
We haven't had a summer where our yard has been so muddy!

Not the best picture but I love the nod to the 4th with the 4H while
catching fireflys!

We let a couple of lanterns go, not so enjoyable for Sam.
He has been worried lately about where things go.
Everything (our trash etc)...he was pretty upset about these lanterns.
I worked hard and getting him to enjoy their beauty, told
him they were made to fly not be kept at home.
He did not buy that.

DH also set off some pretty fireworks for us, they were certainly close!

We woke up 4th of July and had breakfast with Blake and Noah
and heard that Cole had 15 yards to mow due to all the rain.
We found out that Aunt Polly was on his list so we headed there to help!
DH mowed while the boys help me pull a few weeds, but there weren't very many
so we caught a frog instead.

Spent a lot of time here during my childhood.  A lot of holidays playing volleyball
in the big side yard.  This view felt so familiar and so very peaceful.

Aunt Polly let us bring the frog to our house and we let him go.

Later in the day, we took the boys fishing in the pond next door
and discovered the deck is fiberglass - did you know you
should not sit on fiberglass?  We were a hot itchy mess.
Of course DH knew and didn't clue us in until we were already crazed.

Joe caught his first bass.  We don't keep fish from this pond. 
We put them back to grow bigger!

We also fit in Noah's softball game at the Catfish festival.
The fireworks were at 10p and his game after.
Sam was very excited that he was up until midnight.

He took these pics
On Sunday night we visited grandpa and grandma and these boys
were headed down to the sweet corn patch to set traps for the raccoons eating the corn.

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