4H Farm Scene

We've been full steam ahead on 4H projects last couple of weeks!
Joey D chose farm scene for mini 4H
He was allowed to do tillage this year.
He and DH worked hard on their farm.

They made an equipment shed for their extra tractors and talked over
which implements they would put in the fields.
They talked roads and dirt piles
They brought in dirt to dry b/c of all the rain.
They crushed it and pulled out all the rocks and weeds.

 We painted the shed JD Green and modge podged logos we found online

 Joe's one request was a pile of dirt with grandpas excavator on it.
And the bulldozer reminds me of my daddy too!
 Great job Joe, love your farm scene, the things you learned about farming, time spent with daddy
and your hard work!
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1 comment:

Blake Callahan said...

Good job Joey D (and dad)! This reminds me of Cole and my dad :)