GrabersGoWest: The Connection

I would be remiss if I did not mention more about the instant connection that
Sam and Isa had together this trip.
It all started back in Guatemala when they were placed in the same foster home.
We were blessed with an wonderful foster family for our babies.
Sam is 3 months older than Isa, they lived together about 3-3.5 months.
They were mere babies so they cannot recall this time...
Sam  - 7 months (our pick up trip) and Isa about 4 months (their visit trip): Our families first met thru our adoption chat group and I asked Nicole permission to take a few photos of her new baby girl on a visit trip to see Sam - she said yes of course and I was able to hold Isagirlie this trip.  A couple of months later we traveled to Guatemala at the same time and enjoyed time there together.

Fast forward a couple years, keeping in contact with each other thru chat groups, emails, blogs and then facebook - Nicole said they would be through Indiana, so we headed north and met them at the dunes in 2009.  They played together like toddlers would
 Isa clearly was loving on Sam by the end of that trip, he like always, was a little more reserved...

And so with much anticipation, we planned our trip out west.  Not sure how it would go for the kids,
it had been quite some time.  Sam is fairly guarded and slow to warm up in most situations, I hoped 2 days was long enough for a connection.
We used this as an opportunity to talk with the boys about adoption, about their birth families, their foster families and now their forever families.  Lots of questions, lots of pictures and prayers later
we were ready for our visit West

This was the first picture taken minutes after we arrived in Bellingham.
The four made up instantly.  No reassurance or nudges needed, like old friends
who had just been apart a few months.
Then they were inseparable really.
Lots of conversation, Sam and Isa were confident with each other, which is rare for each of them individually.  And Joe and Kai, well they were both jousting for the center of attn.  Our kids were certainly patterned after one another.
Tried as we may, we had a tough time getting a natural and willing pic of Sam and Isa together until after we left when Isa told Nicole that Sam taught her how to take a selfie...
and there it is, how they spent their entire time together, smiling and developing a friendship.
We have started the kids writing notes to each other - with the secret agenda of writing skills.
We sent a postcard and picked out a treat for each kiddo on our trip and when we arrived home letters had already arrived in the mail.
So happy for their connection!

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Isa and Kai's mama said...

Their connection was strong, and immediate! Isa still talks about Sam daily. She is super curious about whether he got his new glasses and what he looks like now. They were able to connect on many things! Grateful for their connection and that of our families as well. Too bad you guys don't live closer! :)