GrabersGoWest: Bellingham Friends

We woke up early the next morning to enjoy much time with our friends in Bellingham, WA.
Nicole and I had been planning and anticipating this trip for several months,
but we could not plan how much our kids (and we adults) would enjoy each other!
Our drive was very pretty with mountain views - this was taken near Seattle, Mt. Rainier
The terrain was evergreen - we are used to green but evergreen was a much darker pine tree color!
We arrived mid morning and let the kiddos run and play, enjoyed a great homemade lunch (actually yummy food both days we stayed) - then we headed to explore their town, spent much time at a beautiful bay downtown
This mountain is Mt Baker

This connection was instant.  
I could not have been prouder of the confidence and ease Sam showed with Isa.
He was so comfortable with both her and Kai!

Look at those good looking kiddos!
Joe and Kai became fast buddies, also, and started planning their schemes.
They are two peas in a pod.

We stopped at a sweet local bookstore.
The bay side town was so hip with coffee shops, a book reading on the lawn.

We headed to their house where the kids cooled off in the pool.
These four gave this pool a workout, using it both days.
Mark joined us after work and we watched them swim until time for dinner!

We talked for a couple hours, but headed to bed to get up early and bundle up to head out for a day on the boat!
We laughed at how similar Joe and Isa were built.  
They looked like they were made from the same mold. 

Mark and Nicole's boat was so nice, it was a family boat which made it even better.
This cabin area was key for the kids on the long run in and out to our fishing spot.
They were watching a movie, ha.

We stopped to set our crab pots. Used frozen bait -fish waste from previous trips out (frozen).
Marked our location on the GPS, pretty neat.

We learned so very much about the bay, coast, coastal islands - like this island that was a rain shadow.  This side of the island was desert like, but you could see the trees up top and when we turned the corner
Look at that, one side forest and one side desert - so cool.  This island was privately owned and at one time they brought in exotic animals and did hunts there.  There were a few goats left on the island.
We stopped at an island that was a state park to use the potty, explored the coast.
Saw much sealife, lots of jelly fish

We cruised out a little farther to our fishing spot and bingo - fish on!!
Look how gorgeous the weather was - it was warm in the sun, but a breeze when we moved at all.
Sea was pretty calm, kinda perfect, really!
The pro fishing team!

Dan finishing up Isa's fish and Nicole with the net.

We caught pink salmon, bringing home 12!

 Enjoying our stop on Orcas Island for ice cream and bathroom break.

 These few pics are from my phone, so a little out of order - I have much to blog so no time
to worry about order, ha!

We caught a small shark (the fishermen called it a dogfish, I think it was a shark) in the crab trap,
felt kinda bad for the small guy.

Mark cooked a seafood feast for us for dinner.  Dan's favorite was the Salmon, mine the shrimp, loved the way he made the scallops.  It was all delicious.
We went to bed late again after great conversation,
but their family was up early to see us off on our travels south!

Our visit felt short, we will have to work on that part for next time.
Even though it had been awhile since we had seen each other, 
their family felt familiar.
We all had a great connection, started with our firstborns who lived together in Guatemala, but extends 
to our other two balls of fire as well.
Until we meet again.

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Isa and Kai's mama said...

Great pictures! We loved having you guys. I agree, more time would have been fantastic! Next time. Isa is asking about a visit daily! And Kai is already scheming up things to do with Joe. ;) Thanks for including us in your journey!