GrabersGoWest: Charming Oregon Coast

When we set out on our West Coast Adventure, we studied the map on the wall
in the boys bedroom.  We discussed how close to Canada we would be, how far north in Washington.
And that we wanted to travel all the way to San Francisco, CA...
that meant that we HAD to travel thought Oregon.  Ugh, I thought.
Wish it wasn't in our way...
boy was  I ever WRONG.
After we crossed over into OR, we headed over to travel down the 101.

Our first real glimpse of the Pacific Ocean was in Seaside, OR.
We loved this little sea town (after we found a place to park) because apparently a lot of other
folks like this town as well.
We did a little split up action for lunch, because we were undecided on where to eat...split 2/2
and a little individual time is always good.

Sam and I ate at a little place called Pizza Harbor and played a vintage Ms. Pac Man game.
He schooled me 
and then questioned why they would name it Pizza Harbor.
I tried to explain that there was a Harbor here (and what that was) and they served pizza..
He reasoned that it should then be name Harbor Pizza, 
because Pizza Harbor implied that the harbor was full of pizza.
Deep, too deep for vacation, but I think he was kinda right.  
He put way more thought into that name than I.

We continued our drive down HWY 101 headed to spend the night in Florence, OR.
We were rewarded with views like this

And mountain tunnels like this

And oceanside hairpin turns like this

We stopped midday at Tillamook cheese factory for our afternoon break.
We planned it well, we enjoyed their ice cream on 

We bought some cheese curds
 (thanks to my roomie at BU who was from Wisconsin, we love these)
to enjoy later in the trip.

This place was hopping, people everywhere and the lines were long, but
they were so efficient that there was very little wait!

And then we were rewarded with more superb scenery,
 and I realized that the Oregon Coast gave us more than bargained for

This was the Heceta Head Lighthouse.

We arrived in Florence, found our hotel and headed to the historic downtown,
which we quickly discovered was exclusive and required reservations.
It was pretty but too stuffy for us, think we were tired a smidgen grouchy (never, ha)
So we headed back to the main drag where the non exclusive folks eat and found a local Mexican restaurant, it was great and they loved on our boys.

This is what happens when you ask your 7-9 year old boys for a kiss
a lick
I know better but hope for more,
Sam caught the moment perfectly.
After dinner, we went to the Heceta Point beach.
Freezing by the time we got there, windy and wet.
But my toes were once again in the ocean!!

 Love them, love that they have seen the Pacific Ocean