The point of the little weekend trip was for Noah to watch the Cubs play.
Blake got him tickets for their wedding gift.
We were happy to tag along for the whole weekend.
Our family is long time Cardinals fans, so having a Cubs fan (who is converting his new bride)
in the family is something else.  
We rode a shuttle over to the game and caught one in the 8th inning on the way back (Cards up 8-1 so we left early to beat the crowd)
Sam took some cool pics for me at the game.

 We sat in the left field bleachers.
Very good seats.
 It was, by far, the nicest weather we have had for a game.
Sun was going down and a light breeze.  Could have sat here a long while.

Sam's pic of Wacha

Joe's pic of Molina

 Sorry Cubbie fans...Cards came out on top!

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For her Walker aunts (so she wasn't disowned)
It was her 1st major league baseball game, happy to experience it with her

Crazy sky?!? Excited boy about a cards double

Watching for himself on the big screen

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