GrabersGoWest: First Glimpse of San Fran

We woke up early again the next morning excited about reaching San Francisco by noon.
These boys were champs about travelling together ( no DVD player, gasp)
They played bunny burrow, yeah, don't ask us but DH and I heard it over and over
every single day. And it kept them FULLY entertained for most of the driving.
We did have ipad mini backups and plenty of books for reading,
but they mostly played "Bunny Burrow" - it is a multi-level game apparently.

On this drive we saw a lot of wine country.
Many wineries, vast vineyards, rolling hills
and valley between mountains covered in grapevines.  It was Sonoma Valley,
we did not make it to Napa.

No, wine drinkers here though, so we buzzed onto our final stopping point

When GPS showed the Golden Gate Bridge, we all cheered!

It did not disappoint.

I'm going to go ahead and brag on DH here.
He is a crazy good driver. 
 We traveled over 1300 miles all on the GPS from my phone (it did awesome)
and the only trouble we had was deep in the redwoods near Leggett, CA and the GPS was only 1 block off.  I would have lost it driving in the CA traffic, but he just cruised right through.

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