Joe's 1st Camp!

Joe is off at camp.
We literally moved clothes
{clean clothes, wash up as many as I can at the condo before we return}
from one suitcase to the other!
He was so thrilled to pack his bag.
He had so many questions.
Was sure one moment that he wouldn't need us
then asked if we would miss him in the next moment.
I assured him that he would be missed (and he has been, Sam isn't sleeping well)
but that we were excited for his opportunity!

We drove him over on Sunday and the excitement kept building!

He hurt his toe last day of vacation.  It looks pretty rough and honestly, although a small thing,
it's really what has bothered me about him being gone.
Oh and it is REALLY quiet around here.  DH and Sam are conversation minimalists. 

Oh, and don't think for a moment that I would have sent Joe there with all strangers...
Cousin Blake is a counselor!

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