Wedding Prep for the Joneses!

We've had some fun days prepping for the upcoming nuptials
in the Walker family!
Miss Morgan Ann will be getting married August 19!
We spent a Sunday afternoon choosing the perfect bridesmaids dress.
And we were back to the first one we tried on the day she found her dress!
Morgan and her new sis to be, Ava.

None of these dresses are the one, not the color or the type.
They were all on the path, but did not make the cut
The color is wrong and so is the style...
so many choices!

And we've spent time arranging and rearranging the reception tables
to accommodate the 350 guests.

And we made a trip to the decorators warehouse to see what suits our fancy.

And I may screenshot every last cute thing I see on Instagram and pinterest....
and send them to her.  I have to be driving her crazy, but what if we miss the best idea!

And today we snuck over to her new abode.
DH is going to make a simple vanity for her bathroom...
Sam said, why does she live way over here?!?
Love our cutie Bride to Be.
Love spending invaluable time with her before she wanders off into
newlywed land.  Fun times, great memories we are making!