Space Valentine Time!

Joe had been asking to create a space model for his room...and then Valentines boxes came around!
Let me tell you, these boys worked hard at their design.  Not all of our joint projects go this well, sometimes there are *discussions* LOL.  Joe went down to the craft stash and brought up the foam balls and paints.  We just finished a large lemonade mix can AND stole some of DH's BBQ skewers.
We were in business.

This face.  Sweetness.  I was very surprised by their knowledge of space.
They got to work choosing appropriate colors and details for each planet.

Joe made a tin foil moon for Earth and Sam glued a ring for Saturn. 
I did the spray painting of the can and they chose the arrangement of the planets and their rotation and distance from the sun (over my head, ha)...great project. 

We found some free printable space valentines and pencils from amazon.

And a special Valentine for his teachers.

These project are getting further and further apart. I feel them slipping away - they are being replaced with writing projects for Sam and power points - what!?!