Winter Camp

The boys went to Bible Memory Winter Camp.
Can't you tell?
This is my photo evidence.
Every year they create a pine derby car for a race.
They were both looking forward to this.
Sam had an overnight camp at SJG complex with grades 5-8
and Joe spent all day at Harvest Community in Washington all day Sat grades 2-4.
DH dropped them both off on Saturday and he text me..
well they didn't need me. Boo.
And you might be surprised that the colorful car is Sam's Color Racer
and Joe's is all black The LRC (Limousine Race Car) - love their creativity.

And the second photos is Joe's plans for his car...he was ready for the camp this year!
His win/loss chances were 50% LOVE IT.

But, alas, after I posted these photos showed up in my email from the camp directors.  Love these seeds planted in their hearts!