All about the Hightopper.

He has a new hairdo. And that has lead to his newest nickname.
The Hightopper.
His hairstylist is DH, they have a system -works great
and this new style suits Joe's personality perfectly

The Hightopper goes full force, until he doesn't,
and then DH waits in the car while he finishes his nap.
Sweet pic I received while working of my little man.

The Hightopper loves beyblades and Sam's friend Luke sent his collection home
with Joe because he no longer played with them.
They have been well loved!

The Hightopper is constantly creating something.
Lately, he created a new dice baseball game with DH.
Every roll of the dice = a walk, homerun, out, etc.
It is first one to 5 runs is the winner, fun times!

The Hightopper created a wall in his bed with his stuffed animals.
Think we need to part with a few?

More baseball dice with Dad.

The Hightopper made an awesome yearly calendar for mom and dad for Christmas.
  Love how it brightens my desk.

The Hightopper spelled pharmacist right on his 3rd grade spelling test
Sam spelled it right in 3rd grade, too - pfew - we passed that milestone!

The Hightopper crossed the monkey bars with ease, this was a stretch last fall!
We enjoyed the first of the of nicer weather days last week, looking forward to more.

The Hightopper loves his cousin Jaelyn, they tease each other big time,
he was showing off for Jaelyn on Snapchat

The Hightopper leaves evidence everywhere he goes.
I found fingerprints on my windows and I made him line his hands up with the evidence...
he thought they were not his, no denying it...

And like all his friends, the Hightopper wears athletic clothes all the time
- except when he snazzes up for church.
Love this little man.
We've been richly blessed by this young boy.  He comes with chatter
and asks hard questions about adoption and God and friendship.
We recently watched the Lego Batman movie about adoption
and it brought even more compassion and questions about adoption.
We cherish these times, the ones in which he shares his feelings-we do our best validate each feeling
and reassure him about God's plan and his place in our family.
It's nice to have a gauge on his feelings.