A Weekend Away.

DH and I spent a weekend away in January.
This meme came up a couple of days before we left.
Thought it was funny and fitting.

The Conrad never disappoints.

DHub's and I chose Shula's for Friday night and even though it was a couple blocks from
our hotel we walked there completely thru indoor tunnels.  It was COLD outside
so that was welcome surprise.

The view from our table was great.

We enjoyed the meal as part of Devour Downtown..and how about this view on our walk back.

The Conrad is full of live plants/ bouquets like this, and art
(but I was not digging the art this year)

View from our room.

And dessert from Shula's back in the room.

Saturday was spent in meetings, great yearly update and motiving guest speaker.

Saturday night we enjoyed a meal in the hotel with coworkers, it was delicious.

And why not order steak for breakfast on Sunday? Why not.

Once again, NBA players in our hotel!  This time we didn't get to meet any.

We returned home midday to watch some basketball and Sunday afternoon baseball practice.
Great refreshing time, and know our boys were at their favorite, Noah and Blake's,
we enjoyed our whole time away!