Everyday Importance.

Some every day moments that were important enough
for me to grab a photo in the moment...

Favorite favorite mug - from friend Sonya circa 2001 grad from pharmacy school.
It is large and in charge and gets me thru long pharmacy mornings.

And this, evening entertainment by our in house magician.

Quiet moments at his new desk.
He has spent much time here.
Another favorite mug...afternoon school pick up line. Love this time,
waiting to pick up my boys is the highlight of my day.

And a quick visit from Sam at work. He loves to sit at my desk and play on the computer.

I looked out one day and this.
I didn't even know the tree was in rough shape...

It was hollow thru from back to front.
It was time for it to come down.
It was a large hickory tree, we are having it sawed into boards.
Can't wait to see them!