Simple Chore Chart

Our latest working chore chart.
We had been working on this concept for a while.
And typically I would want it to be way cuter, but both boys had items in mind
they wanted to work towards..so we just went with a simple plan
it is has been working like a charm.
It's a learning process for me...
it is hard to not just go ahead and do it and/or redo it. 

And hearing the boys ask what they can help with
and seeing this in the bedroom...

Quite a budget planner Sam is...

They tear off their chore, add their name and place it in my bowl.
Simple and effective!

This goofball was excited about payday.

Keeping it simple makes it easy to add a new chore and
include more options during the summer or breaks when school is not in session.
Boys also have other responsibilities that they do everyday - morning routine, making beds, feeding pets, etc.. in the past as they were learning this, they earned money for doing this routine every day. 
They have been {by pre teen standards| successful at this for some time.
Earning money for additional chores seems to work for our family right now!

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