Loogootee Mathletes

Sam joined the math bowl team this year. 
They had practice twice a week.
He looked forward to every one and loved that his friend Luke was in the group.

We travelled to Paoli for the competition.

They competed in groups of 3.  Tons of  questions about probability, they had 45-60 seconds to complete. Parents decided we could have completed SOME of them with pencil and paper AND more time.  It was rewarding watching them work together.  In the end, we fell short and got 2nd.

Joe and Ryder were both in the stands.  They paid attention to a BIT of the competition.

My grandparents George and Marie had 3 great grands in the competition...
they would be proud.
Ella, Sam and Ava. 

And a trip to Sam's lead to DH buying this way to big package of gummy treats...
they were a perfect surprise for Sam after the completion. 
We each wrote a message to him on top.
He was all smiles.