Super Mario Party Prep!

Today was Sam's Big 7th birthday party.
Seven, wow.
He chose Super Mario and mama got to work.
First on the list were 1-Up mushrooms
the ones that make you bigger in the video game.

I used the pinterest tip of putting the chocolate in a larger tub of warm water to keep
the chocolate warm. Actually I think it called for the crockpot, but this was
simpler and did the trick.  And I did not use it sideways, but am too tired
to rotate the picture.
Magic!  Loved it!

My helper thought they looked cute
but he would not touch them, ha!

Grandma made sam yummy cupcakes and I printed some free printable from internet 
as toppers

The boys stuffed the pinata

And Sam gathered his prizes for bingo, can I just say I LOVE this stage. 
He was so excited to pick out prizes for all of his friends to win.  He proudly chose
many dollar store items (ahem, sorry parents). 

He had a birthday party/sleepover last night for his friend Leighton so a short nap was mandatory. 
 He didn't argue much but could not fall asleep.  I went back to check on him one last time, we were at the point that either he needed to be asleep or get up.  He said but Mom, I just want to get this nap over with!
I told him to close his eyes, he did and was
ready to decorate when he woke up!

I used part of the tablecloth that I had cut off to make a festive 7...
Mr Joe put all the Mario Water bottle favors in a gift sack
that was also used for bingo prizes and pinata loot

We drank water and 7 up (for Sam's 7th birthday and the 1-up mushrooms), we 
ate chips and pizza

Party Ready for 14 friends!!!