Home on Christmas Eve!

I was off work on Christmas Eve this year!  What a joy to be at home with my sweet babes 
for the whole day.  We spent our morning crafting, relaxing, running a last minute errand. 

These foam magnets had such good instructions that I laid them out and let the boys go to town.
It reminds me that they are getting so big.  Especially Sam, he used just the right amount of glue
and layered the pieces just right.  We loved giving our magnets to their great aunts on Christmas Eve. 

And we did these plastic bead ornaments.
Sam once again surprised me.  He laid his pattern under his peg board and moved it down one row at a time. I enjoyed observing a lot during our craft time, watching them work independently.

I helped Joe make the stocking outline but then he surprised me by filling it in with a perfect pattern, and he went on and made a second ornament.  Last year, these pieces would have been to small and frustrating for him.  Mama ironed them to melt the beads together, we added a string and now have new 2012 ornaments!

They played four or five rounds of checkers, and I played Sam because he was the winner.  He is getting really good at this.  I am impressed how good they are at checkers, I never really learned how the play this game...

I made them play outside for about 20 minutes (because they were wild!!) and they came in and warmed up with hot cocca and Polar Express (for about 20 min) when daddy came home from work and spending the afternoon with grandpa...daddy said it was time to open a gift!  
We relaxed and got ready to go the Walkers!