Snow Round Two!!

Unfortunately, our past 2 weeks have been defined by this..off and on.
It started with me...Sun/Mon before Christmas with stomach flu
and then Sam had it by Thurs...then we are pretty good for Christmas
but by the next day DH had a respiratory bug and so did Joey D plus pink eye,
then Joey D had a belly issue on thurs and DH came home from work
to care for him, now DH has the full on flu and is bed again this morning...
Boo!  Winter yuckies GO Away!

But we woke up to more snow (total 12-14 inches) on Saturday 12.29.12, mama had to work again
and DH wasn't feeling well, but I told the boys when I got home we would play again!

So we did!  It looks like it was super cold and nighttime, but it was afternoon about 4pm, no sunshine, I guess that is why my flash was firing!?!

We walked over the see the pond and realized just how deep the snow really was!

We tried to sled but it was so deep the sleds wouldn't budge so we walked down the get the mail

And around to the back yard~

Enjoying the white stuff 2012!