Surprise New Fire Pit

On Saturday DH and I worked on an area beside our house.  We were 
laying rock in a ditch to create a nicer waterway.
We got up early and started working, boys wanted to stay inside in jammies.
Our adventure turned into clearing the area next to the rocks...and a couple hours
later the boys had a new area perfect for a fire pit.

And by the time we were finishing up the boys had dressed themselves
and were in and out of the house.  Sam's choice was creative, Joe's was 
much more functional.  It was unseasonably warm and the fire kept us toasty
but I'm not sure the jammie shorts were the best option!?!

We celebrated our new area by roasting our first hot dogs!

DH is a do it yourselfer. I appreciate that very much! We will work on the area a little more
this spring and the boys are already planning our 1st campout
near our new fire pit area!