Christmas Morn

I really look forward to Christmas morning at home.  I love seeing the excitement from the boys when the cookies are missing and the milk has been drank and the presents have appeared.
They fell asleep so fast on Christmas eve this year that we were set up in record time
and ready for Christmas morn!
Fluffy helped us show Sam that he got a new bow and arrow set and Rally showed off Joe's new desk and CZ sweatshirt!

Joe wrapped up a box of money for daddy. He was cracking me up all month long gathering items from around the house (LOL) and wrapping them for folks he loved!

My big man made me this angel ornament. It was wrapped in a sack and kept a surprise since he made it at school

We got a new IPAD for the whole family and the boys were super excited!

 Oh, this boy, how I love him and his animated, ever going, always thinking and working at something,
personality. LOVE HIM>