Forecast: Blizzard 2012

We woke up from a wonderful Christmas day to a winter wonderland.
I was really anticipating having a relaxing day off, but also knew there was a forecast
for a blizzard, and that would mean that I would be working:(
I heard from my boss first thing and he told me it was my call on when to go in, 
Dan's work was closed so we could bundle up the boys and he could take me in,
but we need to wait until the plows ran on our county roads.
I ended up making in in around 1130 but before I headed in, we
went outside for a play in the blizzard snow of 2012.

It was picture perfect, still snowing a bit when we trekked outside

It was perfect packable snow and I didn't even think of building a snowman until it was time for 
me to come in and get ready for work, boo.  Don't worry we threw plenty of snowballs.
Some of us, ahem, Sam have outgrown our snow gear once again. So big man squeezed into his overalls
but needed mama's boots.  I remember buying these 2 years ago and wanting the pink ones really bad, but I opted for cream since I was the mama of 2 boys, figuring that years from then we might need a pair of boots in a pinch...little did I know it would only be two years, ha!

Spidey was all set because we have Drew and Sam's hand me downs!

Neither boy minded when they landed face down, I have some snow eaters!

I LOVE playing in the snow.  I seriously look forward to it!  Much fun in the white stuff!