Graber Christmas 2012

We celebrated Christmas with the Grabers on Christmas Sunday this year.
We made our way to Grandma's after church, and found this lovely table 
all set for us.
Grandma and Grandpa always make a special effort for our Christmas meal.
This year Sam took special note, he said..Grandma where did you get them fancy glasses!

She made her special Holiday Punch and we refilled to bowl twice, our family LOVES this stuff

Before we ate the kids each took turns reading the Christmas story from papers
that Grandma had created in her own words and appropriate for their reading level, it was  nice way to tell the Christmas story.
We said Grace and were thankful for Grandpa who is cruising around the house a little over a week after his knee replacement surgery.  
And we had fine Prime Rib and Crab Legs and all the yummy fixings, including the finest mixed vegetables (snicker). 
 We had nice dinner conversation and laughed while I finished the salad and Darrin and Shannon filled the scrap bowlwith their cracked crab legs, grandma sure knows all of our favorites!

Then it was time for presents, Grandma made each of the kids their own new blanket, they are so
soft and warm, sure to be a favorite of my boys!

Grandma got Sam his first pair of basketball shoes and he was thrilled, Joe was equally impressed with this new flannel sheets (his request).  We put them on the bed last night!

Grandpa was good sport and modeled his Santa boxes that two of the grandkids picked out for him.
We got a lot of laughs from this one!

We played bingo, uno, Rook, opened stockings, boys went outside and drug in mud, and partied until it was
time to have evening snacks.  It was a relaxing, making memories, full bellies and hearts
kind of day...