Christmas Day Memories 2012

I am proud to remember the first gift that Joe picked out for me.
Cereal.  Yep, it's one of my favorites and he doesn't like it at all..
it was all wrapped up under that tree and he could not wait for me to see.
I am pretty proud.
And DH could not contain the laughter.
Sam chose a waffe maker for me, and we used that for breakfast at my brothers.

My favorite homemade gift from Joe was for Blake.  He covered a tissue box with paper to make 
her a pencil holder for her apartment.  I am so proud of him, seriously.  He really can craft like his mama, LOL!  He wrapped up 3 pencils to get her started.  I love his heart.

We played games a visited the day away.  We relaxed and enjoyed a late breakfast
Me and Miss Mo, the big senior (wow)

Kurtis (and his festive shirt) Cole, Jill and Will

Morgan and Jaelyn with their JD4 from us!

A little rest while the gifts were passed out

It did not last long once the gifts were opened!

More Perry

And CZ jersey..he is in heaven!

Little man in his new outfit from Aunt Polly, wristbands on his legs from Blake

Sam and Drew got matching IU shirts

We celebrated our birthday boy with a very special cake.  I took him to the store on Christmas Eve to let him pick a cake.  I directed him towards the blue and yellow ones, non Christmas like, and he chose this one.  I laughed in spite of myself.  I am proud that he was born Christmas Day, shares a birthday with Jesus...I think he is too!

We spent some time playing Just Dance 4, but no one can beat Morgan, although Jaelyn puts on a mean face!