Sam's Mario and Luigi 7th!!

He was one excited boy for his 7th birthday party.
He asked for an all friends party long ago
so he chose up his list and the date was planned! 
( and then re-planned because DH's work party date was changed)

Grandma had a busy week taking care of grandpa who had a knee
replacement done on Tuesday, but she found time to make Sam's

As his friends started to arrive they were handed a list of ornaments to located
on the Christmas tree.  Super Sam's ISpy!

DH arrived with the pizza and we had some happy boys!

Koen could not wait for the sweet treats!!!  

We sang Happy Birthday to Sam and he felt a little shy, 
but I think he loved it!  

And let the games begin!!!  We started with a rousing game of Pin the Mustache on Mario.
This twist on the classic was big hit.

And then we broke out the bingo game.  We kept playing until everyone had a chance to bingo

Sam was very proud of his prize selection, he got up every time someone yelled bingo
and held the tub while they chose!

And bring on the PINATA.  

We took a break from the games to open Sam's gifts.  He was thrilled with every single one.

We played 7up heads up for a lot of laughs!  We used to play that when I was in grade school.  
We played it numerous rounds and mixed up the directions for a challenge!

And they asked to play musical chairs, look at Joe and Sam's faces.  All of the boys thought this was funny

Alas, our time came to and end and we were tired, full of cake, and had warm hearts from
all the laughter.  It is so fun to plan and enjoy children's birthday.  DH was such a good sport, 
he and I managed 14 kids all on our own...hmmm.  Ok so it was only 2 hours!

So thankful for my 7 year old.