2017 School Year Wrap Up!

School wound down and headed into summer,
but not before we had one more after school friend.
Joe and Evan had fun around the house, despite the rain shower outside!
They had their masks from art home and tried to creep me out.

 Indoor soccer

Last few days of school, remembering the elementary folder ...
And we got these sweet notes home from his testing days...
I am so glad that he gets that we are his biggest cheerleaders.
We are behind our boys all the way!
And dad made it a point to attend Joe's classroom's Poetry Slam.
It was a Friday morning at 10am, lucky for us their was rain and it made it easier for our farmer to attend!
Joe's poem was about balls in the hallway - DH recorded it and took me a couple of pics.

Including this gem, we are thankful for Mrs. Truelove and her encouragement to Joe through the year.

The following Monday was field day and also the Battle of the Basement whiffle ball game.
Joe's team color was purple - that was a tough one.
But, I was thankful for my large "rag" bag where I found an old purple sweatshirt of mine!
We made a headband and wrist cuffs. He was pumped.
His team did not win, but he said they had fun.

And our budding STEM guy made the school's twitter page and was retweeted by the superintendent.
He made a bridge at home that supported 62 lbs of school books.
Love this boy and his inventive spirit!

Some of his classmates with their volcano!

Joe also was awarded an opportunity to throw a pie in the face of his principal.
He was in the 100 pt AR club and 2nd in his grade.
A little out of order...the volcano erupting!
Sam had a big week as well, but isn't loving mom's camera right now and I didn't have any to steal from twitter.
He did enjoy a trip Dairy Master for incentive points.
He told me his friends stayed to play outdoor games, but he didn't want to miss a chance at Dairy Master ice cream - smart guy!
All of the week's activities caught up with the boys - they crashed the night before the last day of school...
They sleep the same way. Love it.
And they did give me a smile for the last day!  Here we are headed into 6th and 4th grade!
Picked up our guy and he had his book all wrapped up from his teacher.
This is a book I have each of their teachers write in every year  = special memories for their senior year!