School Days Wrapping Up!

Capturing our routine on mama's pick up days.
We come home at sit at the table and do our homework before the night gets away.
Some evenings they fall  right into the routine, others we struggle a little.
I get it.
Some days I am less motivated than others...we try to practice grace.
Some days I am good at that, some days I could use some grace.
For a long time, I had a cute table arrangement.
But, during school time this caddy seems to work best.
Some night Dad is in charge of homework time and heaven knows if dad and two boys
are going to have a chance at finding a pencil, it had better be right in front of them!
I had given Pastor Ed my notes from my New Testament class that I took in college.
He was cleaning out some stuff and gave them back to me.
I told him the timing was perfect.
If the boys had been any younger, they would have had no interest.
And honestly, any older it could have been the same.
Joe took a particular interest in the notes and maps from the class.

He also commented on this syllabus that was typed on a typewriter.
Tee Hee.
I had a word processor in college Mr. Joe...I will have you know!

And this, be near my heart.
They school has been doing STEM projects at school
and he designed his own at home.
He tested all his catapults with the same test subject and recorded the results.
One subject might have landed in mom's vegetable soup.

He was all ready for 3rd grade field trip.
Mama so wished she could go - namely because she was invited.
Alas, it feel on a manager meeting day - those are hard for mama to miss.
Joe understood and we vowed to make it up over vacation!
He wore his school shirt and basketball shorts, his hair was styled to the hilt
and he left with his lunch and the biggest of smiles.
Love this boy.

Stole a couple of pics from another mom on Facebook...

And received this pic from another mama!
They had a great time at CMOE.