Ballfield Memories.

It's springtime, so here is a little more baseball action.
When you are trying to steal home...
you might be hoping your dad who is volunteering as ump
helps you out on a close call!
And then this, my heart I love watching this kid play baseball.
He gives it his all.
Look at this form.  He is so deliberate when he pitches.
Throws slow and steady, usually a lot of strikes!

And then of course I was pretty proud with both brothers
were there to watch big Joe play baseball.
Means a lot to have family close.
Grandma and Grandpa and Blake and Noah have been to several as well!

There is a lot of teasing going on around these parts.

These are the fun ballpark moments that we would miss out on...
the ones you don't plan for but make you laugh out loud. 
These moments...

Fun hometown memories of long summer nights at the ball field.  Insert heart emoji.