An Ordinary Timeline Photo.

This image popped up on my Facebook feed today.
It's ordinary in the initial picture ways - 
no one looking at camera, colors all a jumble and weeds in the background.
But, doesn't a single image evoke so many memories
and so much emotion?

Cole was just big enough not to be playing with toys any longer, but it didn't take him long to dig in.
He loved playing farm toys with the boys at this age.
Sam has one of his favorite Lion tees on and I remember those shoes so well because they were the only ones wide enough to fit his feet for like 3 years running (yeah for stride rite)
And when did that kissable baby boy, Joe, grow up? We still have that Blake's #1 Fan tee.

I remember watching them play and enjoying Blake's softball game  - the real reason we were there.
I remember being there and being present as the aunt!
I remember hearing Chris's cow bell ring and Scott's pride when the bat connect with a solid hit.
I remember coming home with sand in our shoes and a warm bath to clean up the nails and hair.
I remember packing items to entertain the boys and snacks to keep them satisfied.
I remember them needing me often during these trips.

And here is the kicker...
I don't remember what I wore to that game or what I weighed or how my hair was styled.

But, often those are the things that keep me from joining in and enjoying life to the fullest!  
I doubt that anyone is worried about me as much as I am.
Each person is fighting their own battles!

This ordinary photo reminded me of all the reasons to join in 
and create a memory from an ordinary moment.