April Baseball!

As the boys get older, I find fewer opportunities to catch every day moments.
If I want to capture them, I am met with some "ah, mom, no pics" resistance.
But, I captured a few this month along with some of our activities that keep us busy!

These Bomber boys were rewarded with a trophy for there 3 for 3 tourney.  They work hard together.
They are learning teamwork and dedication to a joint goal!

Big Joe has been sporting a new hairstyle and DH styled it a little after his shower the other night.
He wanted to show Blake, so we sent her this picture.

Little League opening day was rained out last Saturday (seems to be a common occurrence)
So, Tuesday night was the first Little League game of the season.  Joe is playing for the Oakland A's.
He thinks that is cool since we saw their stadium when we were in San Francisco two summers ago.
Mom is excited that he can wear black pants for Little League.
No scrubbing = win!

His buddy Mason is beside him, they play Bombers and Little League on the same team.

Short stop Debut.  He did pretty good - we missed a pop fly but he is a rock star
at backing up the pitcher and prevent stolen bases. Blake, Noah, and Christine came to this game!

And later in the week our Friday night game.
He had an audience for this game, too.  Drew played after so we saw Will, Jill, Jaelyn and some of our friends.

And he pitched two innings.  He struck out 6 batters!  He mixed in  couple walks for interest - haha!

Will and DH's favorite was the stare down at the beginning of his pitching.
We are proud of our baseball player and the improvement his is showing!
His team won their first game and tied in their second at the time limit.