April Wrap-Up!

We've mixed in a little yard work in April, because May promises to be even fuller!
I ALWAYS choose red geraniums because they were mom's favorite, but I went with
this pink this year - it was calling my name!
I still cherish this window box DH made me in 2002. 
We have used it front and center at our last two homes.

Hosted a Tri Kappa Meeting last week with friends - our theme was our favorite place in Martin Co.
We served all local food - BBQ from the Lodge, Stroms from Pizza Junction, Chips and Salsa from Los Bravos and Dilly Bars from DQ.  It was a big hit.
We decorated in our school colors and I brought a few local items from home with hometown ties.

And we have a young gentleman who has decided to try band.
This is a big shock to his parents...this one wants the radio off and no one singing.
We are kinda pumped his wants to give it a shot. 
He did well with the sax and the gentleman told him his height would allow the tenor sax.

Excited to see him proud and ready to try something new.

And our ever inventing son with his collection of items from every where box.
The gloves, I'm dying.

He found this outside.  I thought it was a leaf, but he labeled it unknown fur..
all be darn he was right!  It had a furry hair under the microscope.
Love his curious mind!

A small amount of mulch mountain is waiting on the farmer to operate the scoop on the tractor to place the last of the mulch this year.

And we planted this tree that Joe brought home from Earth day at school.
It was also Arbor Day - but he insists it was for Earth day.
We planted it either way!

And a RARE sight during April - supper!
I sent it to the farmer trying to lure him out of the field.
He ate it at 9:45pm.
I was not as successful as I had hoped.

We washed sheets the other day (on a rained out day from baseball) and all the boys saw was
perfect fort making blankets for a nerf war - surprise! 

And our rainy Sunday afternoon - a mattress we were ready to discard has become a basement favorite! DH made us popcorn popper popcorn and we played some PlayStation which turned into a nap for me, ha!

And yesterday, two of my guys enjoyed lunch out and sent me this picture.
It's finally May - vacation awaits at the end of this month.
I can already smell the ocean air.

My May calendar from Joe is defiantly a favorite!
School pick up is a favorite for our family - I love these details: My green dress and BLONDE hair?, the other kids on the side walk, Joe's skin color and hairdo, Loogootee School, the one green tree,
Seriously great memories!

They get along sometimes - love.