Seymour Bomber Weekend.

We spent our weekend in Seymour for Bombers baseball.
It is not always Sam's favorite, but I remind him that Joe has sat through a lot for basketball games
of his, he has a while to catch up!  He was a great sport this weekend.
I love spending time together.
We are all together, we are outside, we are supporting each other as a family!
A little lunch time treat for Sam set our day off right on Saturday.
Sam is a pizza fanatic.  He could eat it every meal.  He love Little Ceasar's commercials.
His normally shy self walked right up to the counter and ordered a "Pepperoni Hot and Ready"
I'm figuring on a nice personal size pizza to go.....
I paid $5 plus tax and we left with this pizza.
I had no idea it was a large.
We laughed and laughed - him at me for not knowing it was a large.

We shared with dad and Sam did not ask for one single concession item all afternoon...
large pizza for the win!

Our Bomber had a fantastic weekend.
He hit, he scored, he pitched, he played defense (catching a fly ball to end a tough inning).
So proud of how much he has improved this season.
He struck out to start the day, but didn't get down and was hitting by the end of the weekend!

His bomber pitching debut.  His coach was a little reluctant, but was pleasantly surprised
at his consistency.  He does a great job and fielded on for an out!
He is slow and steady - not a ton of speed, but does quite well throwing strikes.

The boys went 2-0 on Satruday and didn't allow many runs earning them the number one seed
for Sunday's games.  They were rewarded with BDubs wings.
We were a rowdy bunch - good times.

And our 11am start time meant plenty of time for night swimming.
They loved it.
Look at that sweet boy of mine.
He did great hanging with this crew when they weren't playing.

Sunday games gave us more challenge.
They won game 1 in true 9U comeback fashion.

This is where my big boy spent game time, in the shade
behind the dugout with his Ipad or a book.
Love him.

And they geared up and fought hard mounting a comeback to 8-7 but lost in the semi finals.
Love the grit of this team.   Would love to see them clench one this season!