Creative Friday.

We enjoyed our bonus Friday last week.
Boys had the day off due to a saved snow day and mama had regular day off!
We were kinda lazy in the morning but then got ready and headed to Evansville
to paint at Snickerdoodle Art. The days of these activities interesting these boys are ticking away,
but we had a good time together!

They each chose their favorite sport and set out to create personal art.

And mama also chose here favorite for some poolside d├ęcor.

Sam might have been done with pics and the sun was bright, uh the drama.

The shop owner recommended a pizza place FPF just down the street, and it was Sam's day to choose.
Pizza it was, Joe was equally happy when he found wings on the menu.
Showing Dad that he owned them.

We had fun being goofy together.

All around great day together, then we hurried home to play some baseball.
Love being their mama and creating our memories together.