One Blessed Mama.

I enjoyed the kind of Mother's Day I always dreamed of...
the kind that makes me reflect on how lucky I am to be a mom.
I didn't spend my day in bed or get dressed up fancy like some.
I spent in at the ballpark on a beautiful May day.
I hope I have more Mother's Days just like this one.
I had one eager boy give me his handmade gift before we left for the weekend.
Isn't it beautiful?  I cannot wait to find it a perfect frame.
And I had one boy who worked hard on a hand made card while I was at work.
He forgot he had made it though, dad had told me and I asked him for it when we got home Sunday.
It might well be his most precious words to me.

Sam doesn't express his words a lot.
He doesn't always ask hard questions about his adoption.
He is Sam, he is ours, we are his, and that is enough for him.
But, somewhere in there...there was this.
And it is enough for me.

These are treasures for sure.  I couldn't have asked for better gifts.

How I treasure these boys, would drive to the end of Earth for them.
Literally, oh wait, we did that - ha. 
And learning to know them day after day and year after year, we would do it all over again.

To top off Mother's Day, my transplanted Iris from Grandma Jean bloomed,
my peony from Aunt Lucille's blooming

Our strawberry patch is still alive (others already have berries, but ours are alive!)
And my Rhododendron is still alive.  My mom was so good
at these so I bought a new one (yep, lost one a few years back)
and we are still going good.
And the icing on the cake?
My boys washed my van for me after school on Tuesday.

One blessed mama.