Boston Tea Party Trial

Today was a great day for Sam and his classmates.
They have been participating in a program at school all year called iLead.
It was originally sponsored by Purdue but they have stopped supporting the program.
Our school has decided to continue it due to its value to the students.
I TOTALLY agree.  Sam has mentioned many guest speakers in the law and court system this year.
This program has provided these kids with practical knowledge of our courts etc!
It has taken a lot of work from our local probation department and our teachers
 to keep the program going.
Today, the students traveled to our local courthouse and presented their mock trial for the teachers and parents. It was followed by a visit to our old courthouse and also a tour of the jail.

Sam was a part of the defense team.
Drew was the lead prosecutor.

I got a great picture of Drew and Connor from the prosecution.
Sam and Isaac around Brandon (the defendant)
The trial was on the Boston Tea Party (brilliant, we all learned a lot)
(there were 2 groups, second group did Boston Massacre)

The judge talked to the students informing them about court behavior and proceedings.
Drew did an amazing job in his performance as Lead Prosecutor.
Future in Law?
Isaac as a Defense attorney

Connor as a Prosecution attorney

Brandon sworn is as defendant, Samuel Adams.
And a very confident Sam as a defense attorney questioning the lead witness.
He suprised me - was confident, and had his part memorized.
He didn't have his script at all.

The defense WINS!  

And friends in the second trial, Judge Reis
Lead Defense Attorney, Luke
(I noticed Sam playing with his cheek all morning, but I couldn't figure out what he was doing - 
he came home with a tooth out after school, ha)
Lead Prosecutor, Leighton

Drew also won a prize for his essay about the iLead program.

They all did so great. So much confidence - great group!