Treasured forever.

These pictures are everything that is perfect and imperfect about children.
I will treasure them forever.  

It started with an ametuer mom attempt at a snapshot for Christmas cards,
but neither boy was really into doing it so mom kinda bribed them
and then I got frustrated *fail*
I thought the pics weren't perfect enough (ha) not both were looking or blowing at the same time, etc...
 but I snapped out of it apologized asked for some grace
 and we all ended up laughing our tails off, kids are the the best at that - giving grace.

And a few weeks later, these are treasured photos for sure.
Look how hard they were trying for mom to execute my crazy Pinterest idea...
and I never got the cards sent.  
My first year for skipping cards - there is a little mom guilt there.

Back to these gems.

It was just after church so they were in their scrumptious best.

So at this point, I'm like Sam, look at me while you blow the snow
and then smile and look happy 
and do it at the exact same time as your brother...
.yeah, it sounds ridiculous as I type it.
Real life right here.

And Joe trying to see if Sam is blowing (but his hands are already empty). 
 I'm dying.

And then Sam's {fake} snow combined with a little real wind landed in Joe's mouth
that is spit coming out of his mouth.
Giggles from Sam and when Sam laughs we all join in.

We tried changing places because *maybe* that would help.
Joe has on his concentration trying to get this right, people pleaser face in most of these.
Sam does not, I can only laugh about that.

Precious precious boys.  Love them.
And I only tortured them for a sum total of 2 minutes, I promise this was not hours!