Grabers in Pinecraft || Christmas at Siesta Key

Spending Christmas at the Beach was certainly a new one for us,
and will go down as a family favorite for sure!
I missed being home and hearing everyone's favorites from Christmas though - family time celebrating Jesus, everyone's favorite gift and seeing {walker} family faces.

It was sunny and 80 degrees our first day in Sarasota.
Boys were hoping for a great beach day at Siesta Key.
The white sandy beaches, warm sun, relaxing ocean breeze and time with family
really did deliver.

I snuck the boys' Santa hats in hoping for a silly beach day picture,
they thought it was funny (for like 2 pictures)

And the cold ocean touched Sam's toes...

My men, love them - Joe 9 and Sam the birthday boy turning 11, spending your birthday in the ocean when it is 30 degrees at home is the way to go!

We arrived early morning (which was the only way to go all week) for a parking spot,
and we found ourselves a great spot - the water was cool but calm.

11 years old - his first trip to the beach was at 16 months - still loves it the same.

And this one, the brave 9 year old, fearless.

And then the don't stand by me kicked in - yep.

Quick friends again.

Our Christmas day selfie - DH was sick with a cold most of the week,
but he came back healthy so we left it there!

I don't know this lady but she was set up right beside us with her poinsettias and Christmas tree decorations, couldn't resist!  We saw tons of santa shirts, swim trunks, hats and joined in on the snowman building ourselves!

I thought everyone spent Christmas at home by the fire, but I guess some flock to the beach - it was busy all week.

Yeah, no comment - but they never fought so it must have been funny.

And DH connected Sam with Isa and Kai for a facetime date.
It was so sweet.  Sam didn't have much to say but smiled the whole time!

This was our neighbors snowman.

 And we wrapped it up midday to grab a bite for lunch back at the house - we got caught by the drawbridge, we thought that was cool!
Later in the week, Sam and Dan went under this bridge when they went deep sea fishing!